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Lucisaurus #thedreamybus Lucia Paganini


As every day I spend two hours on the bus to get to work, I decided to start a drawing challenge - take a picture on the bus and draw on top of it! Check out my Instagram or Facebook to see the ongoing serie.

Lucisaurus game port apple pigs Lucia Paganini

Port Apple - The game

The result of 48 hours of work during the Game Jam held at Bournemouth University in 2018. I worked on the backgrounds, characters and on all the visuals of the game. Tap on the image if you'd like to see the trailer and more!

Pizza Night Board Game Lucisaurus Lucia Paganini

Pizza Night - Board Game

A fun and fast board game featuring pizza! If you'd like to see what's inside the box and how it works, tap on the image.

Lucisaurus japan game blossom origami Lucia Paganini

The last Sakura blossom - Videogame

By tapping on the image, you can watch the trailer of the game. This was built and designer in 48 hours for a the game jam of 2018 at Bournemouth University, I worked on all the visuals!

Lucisaurus Bubbles Bearded Dragon from The magical best friend Lucia Paganini

My illustrated children's book

This is still a work in progress project - the story of a girl and her best friend, a Bearded Dragon! Find out more soon.

Lucisaurus Rebecca Vocal Athlete tea Lucia Paganini

Branding for Rebecca Vocal Athlete

Teas, ukuleles, cats, logo, motion graphics and more... Rebecca's branding was a really fun project to work on! Tap on the image to read about the project in my Graphic Design website.

Pet Pot sustainable toy Lucisaurus Lucia Paganini

PetPot - a sustainable toy

PetPot is an educational kit that allows children to grow their edible plant, take care of it on a daily basis, feed it with its packaging and have fun learning. It also comes with an illustrated booklet that can be coloured by the child! Find out more tapping on the picture.

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