The journey of my first picture book

To be honest, I wasn't expecting 'The Dreamy bus' to be my first picture book. I started to work on this book without even knowing. What does that even mean? Let me tell you how it all started... After I graduated I found a new day job at a local app development company as a graphic designer and illustrator. Even if the job was local, it took me more than an hour of bus journey to get to work and another hour of bus to get back. I felt like I was wasting time that I could spend doing something more valuable... So I had an idea. What if I used the time on the bus to practice? I gave myself an art challenge, #thedreamybus. This challenge involved taking a picture of the bus after getting on and then drawing on top of it. Here's an example - After a few weeks, I collected quite a few illustrations and I was really satisfied with the results. Creating characters from scratch with…

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